Friday, April 28, 2017

The same story

I tried very hard to be rasional about it.
I know he cant save me.
I know this isnt a movie.
I know I have it better.

I just thought it would get easier, you know?
Easier to quiten the screams in my head.
Easier to just let go.
And breath a little.

But I cant.
I cant escape you.

And its in every moment I try to be better
I just feel fat, ugly, and stupid.

It comes crashing in me.
I hate myself. To infinity.

Everytime I try to do good.
I just feel worst. Like a hypocrite. A liar.
I dont deserve to feel good.

And everytime I try
You remind me, why should I?

Not only will I fail. If I win.
I am left in pieces anyway.
Its a mad cycle.

And I just want to pull out.
And breath.

But its the same story.
Over and over again.

Monday, April 10, 2017

Story of

Here is to the story of
Star boy
Dream girl.

Both in their own world,
Both wih their pride and prejudice.

And then the star comes down
The Dream flys high
And by some miracle of fate,
They meet, they collide

Star boy said,
I can make your dreams come true.
Dream girl said,
I can give you the sky to shine through.

Star boy
Dream girl
And all that happens
Is rain.

Star boy
Dream girl
And all that happens
Is pain.

But not long he says.
And she agrees.

Star boy and dream girl
Will meet again.