Thursday, January 5, 2017

The corner

Some have advised me to try a different approach.

Thing is, nothing works much like this trick I have. 

I have a corner. 
A place where I go, 
And I think about all these possibilities
Where you turn and change
And just hurt me.

This corner is wedged between my bed and my bedroom wall. 
So I can stand
And face it. Two hands resting on each side.
The cold was the night blanket.
And the bare structure gave me ground.
The lights were placed
To shadow this corner.
Just like the your words
Have shadowed mine.
And the walls so thin. So freakishly plain.
I can hear things.
Spinning. Repeating. All in my head.

Then I leave my corner
And brace myself.
To god knows what
Some self destructrive honorary plan? 

It usually takes a while.
But it happens anyway. 
You say one thing
And then you do another. 

Its like you cant have one.
And we cant have each other. 
You need your life.
As I need all those dark lonely nights
Cupping my own mouth
And closing my wet eyes.

All in the corner.
The corner and I. 

1 comment:

  1. Hmm.. dan sy masih membaca tulisan2 kmu nafeesa.. apa khbr ummi azizah..? Baba sihat..? Sri ayesha sgt2 famous skrg.. sy kagum dr jauh.. sy masih kerdil.. faqir.. dan marhaen seperti dlu..