Sunday, December 31, 2017

Seventeen eighteen

I didn't do anything this year. I was not significant. I just breathed. Defecated. Contributed to some views and likes. I was a real no one. I could be gone. And it wouldnt matter. Maybe you would be sad. Maybe some would say they miss me.  But not long. Really. Its okay. Life moves on they say.

I have had the best moments in my life so far.
But they seem irrelevant in the grand scheme if things. So i dont see the point of looking forward to another year. If i had all the good deeds needed and had a ticket to heaven, i would make the phone call to death myself. I am not really interested in watching the world crash and burn.

O God guide me.

Remember when i was young and wanted everything in the world. It seems so weird that she isnt here anymore.

Its a new book. This is a different writer.

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