Thursday, December 29, 2016

Oscar ending

"I dont love you anymore." 

I wonder what you wanted me to do 
Or possibly say.

There was no script
Or cue beforehand.

Next time, remember to give the heads up.
Some clues to the crime.
 symptoms of the sickness in your heart.
Bread crumbs to doom.

Or at least a freaking text. 

What was the closure you wanted?

Was it,


"I understand."

Or you would expect some drama from me?
Something like,
"Get in a car and die!"

Give me a knife and I will show you an ending. Ha ha. 

But I, 
ever stubborn, ever naive, 
went with the oscar worthy ending:

"So what?
  I love you forever."

And ever and ever. 

1 comment:

  1. Hmm.. nafeesa.. sy ni.. mm.. nk tahu.. kmu berhak dpt yg lebih baek dr sy.. serious.. sy ni.. byk kurang.. xda rupa.. xda harta.. intelek pon xkemana.. sy ni biasa sy.. tp sy masih egt angan2 kmu nk buat filem.. nt dramakn lah kisah2 kita ni.. haha.. gurau2.. tp kmu mmg pnh ckp dlu nk produce 1 drama @ filem..